Buying a computer:

If you are wanting to buy or planning to buy a computer. You need to do some research. You may think on what? Well you need to think about these: Memorey size, Rams, Custemor service, color, weight, and screen size. I know that the list is a lot to think about. But it is help to know. So I am going to break it down for you to know. One, if you can't not afford a Apple laptop (cost about: $999 to $1499 Without tax and shipping/handling), but you could (by chance) find one on ebay or other site that sell apple laptop for less. If I say to you I can help you find the right laptop or computer for you without spending alot of money just only around $399 to $799 or if you want a payment plan then about $15 to $25 for one. Or how about one is almost like a an Apple computer, but in a PC. Are you will to answer some question? These question mostly focus on Memory, ram, Customer service, weight, and size. The color is up to you (me i prefer black, it is simple and doesn't cost that much).

Here are the question

1. How fast you want to drive on a Highway or on the road? (RAM/Prossecer)
   A. Your behind the police car.(slow)
   B. your beside the police car.(medium slow)
   C. A hi-speed chase.(fast/really fast)
2. think of a doll house. Your looking from the top of it and you can see all the room. Where do you want to be. (Memory)
   A. The Kitchen(2gb)
   B. The Bathroom(1gb)
   C. The Kid room(4-6gb)
   D. The Living room(8+gb)
3. Your at a 4-way intersetion, Which direction do you go. (Customer service/tech support)
   A. Straight aheard and you have reach your destination.(dell)
   B. Turn left and go on a round in circle.(hp)
   C. Turn right and get stuck on a traffic jam that will last an long time.(others)
4. Your at a bowling lane, you went to get a bowling ball. Which one will you choose?(weight)
   A. Light ball
   B. Medium ball
   C. heavy ball
5. your television screen size is?(screen size)
   A. 2
   B. 10-11
   C. 12-14
   D. 15-16
   E. 17 +

Last thought

On the screen size and the weight. You need to think of poratablies. If you are carrying your laptop to class like I am then portatablies matter. What I mean is if you want big screen like a 17" you will need to sacrifice the weight of the laptop, but if you are ok with carrying a heavy bowling ball then a 17" laptop is for you. I hope this help on you mission on trying to buy a right laptop.