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I had other sit name (Closed), & (Closed: shut down with notice.). I decided to start over with a new site and hope that this domain (.tk) stick around because I hate to find a new one for free. Yes, my domain is free. My domain is paid be me because I have run into so may road blocks ever since the EU change their policy that effected my domain. I am glad that my host Luana was hosting me (until the changes), I just want to give her a big hug to say thank you for hosting for 6 years. She the best thanks. My current host is, it is a free host, for reason that I am flat broke college student who still lived with her parents to help take care of her sister. I do get pay monthly, but it is not barely enough to buy a domain. I just when a bit off topic, :D I am not taking credit for my site name because after closed I just don't know if I want to keep the same domain name or not, but I know I know for sure that I wanted to keep everything that I had on my After a day sleeping on it I finally decided that I am not going to keep my old domain name. So, after while trying to come up with a name I decided to go to and used one of her suggested name for a domain. So, my domain is credit to Gerogie. After I decided with the name that I liked I asked my host if it is ok to her to change domain name, but keep the same content because is already (I don't always say this) a dick. So I change my namesever and she did the rest. I just need to change some things on this site, but it is turning out great. :)

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