To Do List
Will add soon
My Weekly To Do
  1. clean room
  2. make bed
My Room To Do
  1. organize room
  2. organize clothes
  3. create a makeshift shelving unit
  4. get christmas stuff out
  5. decorte room with christmas stuff

Online To Do List
Will add soon
My Website.
  1. create more content
  2. add more Fanart
  3. add a slideshow on my current favorite tv show
  4. maybe add some fonts that I used.
  5. add some tutorials
  6. create area for different site I have
  7. maybe a random quote
  8. update my other sites
  9. change emotion
  10. Take out useless stuff
  11. maybe add some screen cap.

My Etsy Shop.
  1. Change my to a printable shop
  2. Update Listing - MUST DO!! before the Holidays
  3. Figure out how to add printables files with cut files
  4. Sell A5 Dividers
  5. Test out my cut files
  6. Figure out the problem with my silhouette portrait
  7. Create dashboards
  8. Add Update announcements